IB Still Life Drawing

(Recommended working time: Three Weeks)

In this assignment students will:

  • Plan and execute a still life drawing that exhibits an understanding
    of casual and linear perspective.

  • Complete a drawing using traditional media that reflects personal
    concerns or interests through the use of metaphor.

  • Research the still life genre across a century or more.

Investigation Workbooks: (9 pgs.)

  • Research the topic of still life and critically analyze the work of at
    least two artists, a contemporary artist and an artist working more
    than a century ago.

  • Use the in-class text books to research art criticism and then write about the artists' work through the use of a description, analysis, interpretation, and judgment or evaluation.

  • Research and evaluate the use of value and value keys to create and control the mood or feeling of a work.

  • Practice several thumbnail sketches of a still life to emphasize casual and linear perspective.

Studio Work: (1-2 large drawings: at least 18"X24")

  • Complete a still life using traditional drawing media that reflects an understanding of casual and linear perspective.

  • Your drawing should reflect your research into art history and the use of value to control mood or emotion.

  • Be prepared to discuss your use of visual metaphor to reflect your personal interests or concerns.

Assessment: Students will show their work for critique and submit their sketchbooks for evaluation.

Vanitas Still Life,

Herman Henstenburgh

(Dutch, 1667–1726)