IB Portraiture

(Recommended working time: Three Weeks)

In this assignment students will:

  • Plan and execute a portrait that exhibits an understanding of facial proportions, likeness, and symbolism in art.
  • Complete a drawing using traditional media that reflects individual traits, personality, and/or interests and unique concerns.
  • Research the portraiture genre and compare and contrast the work from two different and distinct periods in visual art.

Investigation Workbooks: (9 pgs.)

  • Research the topic of portraiture and critically analyze the work from at least two distinct periods in art history (ex., Renaissance and Cubism).
  • Compare and contrast the style, subject, and composition shown in the portraits.
    • REMINDER: Cite your sources!
  • Research and practice facial proportion and in a variety of annotated drawings showing different profiles.
  • Practice individual likeness and crosshatching in at least 7 pages of portraits and facial details.
  • The seven pages need not be consecutive.
    • REMINDER: Date your entries

Studio Work: (1 drawing or painting)

  • Complete a portrait using media that reflects an understanding of a specific style or period in art history based in your research.
  • Your drawing or painting should reflect your research into art history and the use of symbolism to reveal an individual's personality, interests, or unique concerns.
  • Be prepared to discuss your understanding of portraiture in different time periods, the unique qualities that define that period, and how your choice in subject is in keeping with this period or style.

Assessment: Students may show their work for critique, write refelctive screens, and submit their sketchbooks for evaluation.

Various sketches of Eyes and Head profiles by