IB Graphic Design

(Recommended working time: Two Weeks)

In this assignment students will:

  • Examine and evaluate graphic design application based on the elements and principles of design as well as the principles of gestalt
  • Learn basic computer file management and the use of design applications.
  • Apply their newly acquired knowledge of graphic design to the production of advertising posters for an on campus production.

Investigation Workbooks: (5 pgs.)

  • List, define, and illustrate the Principles of Art and Design. Pay especially close attention to Balance, Emphasis, Unity and Variety but make sure you have a strong understanding of how all of them may be applied to graphic design.
  • List, define, illustrate, and provide a brief historical summary of the Gestalt Principles. Ensure you have a strong understanding of their practical uses in graphic design and their purpose.
  • Use the Principles of Art and Design and the Gestalt Principles to critically evaluate at least two print advertisements (examples may be illustrated in the workbook). This evaluation should be based on your research into Gestalt and the Principles of Art and Design.
  • Remember to cite your sources

Studio Work: (Playbill or Advertising Poster)

  • Find a "Client" on campus for whom you'd like to develop a poster or playbill advertising an upcoming performance or production. The Drama teacher and Dance teacher are two potential clients that are highly recommended. Find out what information you will need for these posters. Examples of this information may be the date and time of the event, who's performing, reasons for attending, and imagery that may assist the information in attracting attention.
  • Using your knowledge of graphic design principles, photography, and design software, develop several poster designs that may be used. Maintain close contact with your client frequently updating them on your progress and ideas. Your poster must not only meet the client's needs but surpass their expectations. All student work must be demonstrably original. IB is rigorous and plagiarism is severely dealt with in the program.

Assessment: Students may show their work for critique and submit their sketchbooks for evaluation.