IB Free Choice Painting

(Recommended working time: Four Weeks)

Advanced Drawing and Painting

Student Work

Student Work

In this assignment students will:

  • Plan and create two paintings
  • Produce personally relevant works of art that reveal evidence of exploring visual ideas that reflect cultural and historical awareness
  • Develop and maintain a close relationship between investigation and a purposeful, creative process in studio work.

Investigation Workbooks: (20 pgs.)

  • List a variety of painting techniques with examples of each in acrylic and watercolor
  • Explore and record a specific TOK discussion topice visually in at least 5-10 thumbnail sketches
  • Compare and contrast your work and that of two other figurative artists from historical or contemporary art
  • Remember to cite your sources

Studio Work: (2 Paintings)

  • Complete two paintings based on a TOK topic. One must be completed using acrylic paints and the other in watercolor

Assessment: Students may show their work for critique and submit their sketchbooks for evaluation.