What is involved in a successful IB Art experience?

IB Art is the most challenging and possibly most rewarding Art experience available at TCHS. Like all IB courses, it is much like a first year college art course earning college credits and a variety of other advantages for students who choose to undertake it. This course will introduce but not limit students to photography, graphic design, traditional drawing and painting as well as mixed media and other atypical expressive materials. Students will explore the art of a variety of cultures including the history of Western art and create new, original work from this exploration. Course outcomes will include the successful completion of an IWB (Investigation Work Book), original studio work, and a portfolio limited to the student's strongest work. This course may be taken at the Standard Level (150 instructional hours) or Higher Level (240 instructional hours) and in either Option A or B. Option A allows a student to concentrate on studio practice while Option B provides a student the opportunity to concentrate on contextual, visual, and critical investigation in the visual arts.

What is the work like in IB Art?

Perhaps the work involved in IB Art is best described by Raymundo Delgadillo in the slide presentation shown below.

Ib art presentation from jfrieger Original Slide Presentation found at: tcdsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca


What exactly is in the class at TCHS?

Perhaps the best way to find out is to take the course. It is likely, however, that you may like to know a little bit about it before you invest two years of your high school career exploring it. For those that would like a quick overview of the course itself, the course syllabus is linked below in PDF format.

What is a"Flipped Classroom?"

The video below explains briefly the idea and benefits of "flipping" the classroom.