This Year:

This year we will be using Google products to communicate, submit assignments, and distribute paperwork. For this you will need a Gmail account with a school appropriate user name (this user name should include your first name and last name as it appears on Infinite Campus). Sign up for a class use Gmail account by clicking here: GMAIL.

We will be using Google Drive for file storage and distribution. It is strongly recommended that you download the free Google Drive app. for iPhone or Android for use in this class. If you have an iPhone, you will also need to install a document scanner such as Doc Scan. You can find these apps on either the App Store or Google Play.

Once you have a Gmail account you must sign up to use this account for the class. Fill out the sign-up form and click "submit" when you are finished.


Course Description:

IB art is a rigorous two-year program presented at the college level in content, expectations and evaluation. Students are expected to be intrinsically motivated and highly productive.  It is expected that students will do all their own research and studio work.


Art is a discipline that requires persistence, energy, planning, skill development, and hard work. Success does NOT happen overnight or with a whatever attitude.  What makes a successful IB Art candidate?  Those students who take their studies in ALL areas seriously, they are goal oriented and plan ahead. Successful IB students don’t make excuses and waste their time on unproductive activities.


In this class you will learn to use art media to express ideas and understanding. During the first year of IB Studio Art you will be asked to research different methods of art making and base that new understanding on the artwork from a variety of historical and cultural foundations. This new understanding along with your progress in developing art making skills will be documented in your IWB and digital "screens," slides or images that contain text and images to express and understanding. You should use those writing skills aquired and practiced this year and previous years to clearly explain your ideas and expressive efforts.

In IB Studio Art you will be expected to develop clear goals in your work and research.  During the second year in IB Studio Art you will be asked to develop a concentration (theme) for your portfolio. This concentration is an area of focus and exploration. Don’t count on the Internet entirely for your research; libraries do exist, I’ve been in several. In fact, you will need at least three different sources for your research on each project to attain a high level of success. Make sure your investigation is thorough and in depth. Without solid research, you will have difficulty developing your concentration.

The IB Studio Art classroom is "flipped." This means that much of the academic instruction will take place outside of the general school day allowing for the development of artistic skill in the studio during class. Students should plan to work in their IWB and receive instruction on line while at home and bring their artwork into the studio for continued work and completion. For more on the "Flipped Classroom," follow the "About IB Art" link in the table of contents to the left. You will also find more information about other topics in this course on the "About IB Art" page.


Note: This is a working calendar and subject to change. It is for planning purposes and is the most current and up-to-date calendar of events for IB Art at TCHS. Having trouble viewing the calendar? Try logging in to your Google account first (this is necessary on your iPad).